Crème de YoJo

  • 190 mins
  • 4 ingredients
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Diabetic Friendly – Gluten Free
Creamy Parfait-Like Dessert.
Sweet and Nutritious with under 50 calories and 5 Carbs per Serving.


  • Sugar-free JELL-O® (I used black cherry this time.) 1 3 ounce package
  • Boiling water 1/2 Cup
  • Plain Low-fat yogurt 1 Cup
  • Cool Whip® Lite Frozen Topping, thawed 8 Tablespoons


  1. Stir the sugar-free Jell-O® into the cup of boiling water
  2. Slowly stir the Jell-O® mixture into the yogurt until well combined. If this is done too quickly the yogurt may curdle.
  3. Divide into four (4) half-cup servings and refrigerate until set. (Two to three hours.)
  4. Top with two tablespoons of Cool Whip Lite® and/or 1/8th cup berries, if desired.Nutrition Note: If made with fat-free yogurt (I prefer Greek) reduces calories to 45 and 0 fat. Without Cool Whip® there are only 49 calories. With 1/8th cup berries (as shown) 60 calories.

NI Creme de YoJo

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