Easy Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream

  • 135 mins
  • 2 ingredients
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Diabetic Friendly – Gluten Free

Old Standby Dessert – Easily Customized With Other Flavors

Prep Time: 15 minutes    Freezer Time: 2 – 24 Hours     Total Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Serves: 2

Easy Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream


  • Large Ripe Bananas 2
  • Cinnamon 1/2 Teaspoon


  1. Peel and cut large bananas into ¼ – ½ inch thick coins
  2. Place banana coins into airtight container and place in freezer for at least two hours
  3. Blend banana coins in food processor, pulsing and scraping down, until smooth. Add cinnamon and pulse several more times to aerate the mixture.
  4. Either serve immediately (it will be soft,) or return to freezer for a more traditional ice cream texture.

May be made without the cinnamon. Other ingredients may be added, such as 1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder (banana-chocolate,) unsweetened chocolate chips (banana-chip,) almonds (banana-almond,) etc.

Easy Banana-Cinnamon Ice Cream

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